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Welcome to Snowfox Research and Insights

There are hundreds of research & insights agencies out there. All claim to be exciting, industry-leading and truly different.

But when crunch time arrives - the report and debrief - the difference between agencies becomes much simpler: the best agencies are the ones with the best people. Lofty claims matter for nothing.

Who are the best people? They're the people with the richest and most relevant experiences. The people who can get more out of consumers. The people who recognise game-changing insights when they hear them. The people who can move businesses forward with clear and actionable reporting.

Snowfox is run by Nick Cornish, a highly experienced and passionate research and insights consultant. Snowfox delivers a simple and powerful offering based on experience and proven methods.

Welcome to Snowfox.

Meet Nick

Snowfox Nick

I am a highly experienced research and insights consultant who takes on projects and short-term contracts. I also work with a network of experienced researchers to take on larger projects.

I have worked in the research and insights industry for over 15 years and was previously a Director at a boutique agency. I have a wealth of experience researching products and digital services, and I specialise in UX research studies. 

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Recent clients include:


"Try to learn something about everything and everything about something"
Thomas Huxley

Researchers sometimes understand consumers better by asking them to create a diary or collage of their interests and passions. It works for professionals too. See what makes me tick and what I like to share with others by visiting Snowfox’s Pinterest board.

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